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Kanji Tattoo Ideas for Girls / Women

Ideas about Kanji Tattoo Designs for Girls ~ Getting that beautiful Kanji!

Kanji Tattoo Ideas Girls / WomenIf you're a lady searching for the perfect Kanji Tattoo, you might like some of the Quotes and Phrases mentioned here which are suitable for Women.

Remember that we are able to translate almost all Words, Names & Phrases into accurate Japanese Kanji scripts. Therefore if you have something unique on your mind, please go ahead and let us know with your order and we'll gladly ensure you're getting what you really want.

Common single word Kanji Tattoo Designs for young Girls and Women

  • Love
  • Faith
  • Beauty
  • Angel
  • Goddess
  • Princess
  • Beautiful
  • Regret
  • Dream
  • Family
  • Loyalty
  • Forever
  • Hope
  • True
  • Destiny
  • Blessed
  • Truth
Quotes and Phrases
  • This is life and this is joy
  • Love is blind
  • To move heaven and earth
  • Live and let live
  • Life is beautiful
  • Two Sisters

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Suitable Places for adding Kanji Tattoo Designs on Women

By far the most suitable location for Kanji Tatooos on a female is usually on the back area. This can include the upper back area around the shoulder blades ( see the picture on this page ). Also the lower back in the middle spine area is also excellent.

Other suitable areas for a Kanji Tattoo are the legs near the ankle area, inner thigh area and wrists.